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sight on the streets of los angeles. there is a live picture of the retired shuttle endeavor. >> it's been a remarkable sight. and it's going two miles per hour but really it's just inching along and trying to force its way through these neighborhoods. you can see here from this view, it's on its way to a new home at the california science center to make its way from l.a.x. to the final resting place it had to make this journey on the ground here. you can see there are power lines, power poles and things in its way there along this journey. >> as carolyn mentioned a lot of trees had to be cut down in preparation. take a look at the people. it's such an odd sight. i mean, you can see crazy things in los angeles on the roadways but this has to be the most bizarre. look at the tight squeeze. imagine responsibility of having to drive the shuttle endeavor a little bit to the right. a little left. >> it's incredible.
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we're streaming this journey life and -- live and will be checking in on next half hour as well. >> you can watch forever and you'll have a chance to over two days.. >> it will take time. >> yes. >> there is a clean up underway after a massive fire destroyed a restaurant and several businesss.. >> the fire disrupted service for hours this morning. causing big problems at the west portal tunnel. wayne freedman with more now. >> in west portal neighborhood the flames are out. businesses are drenched, the trains are running again. and don't let anyone tell you aftermath is easy. looks like water and smoke damage. not to john, who was a video production house. he is fortunate. the fire broke out before dawn in this restaurant unlike the name, those flames did not
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squat. like it, they began gobbling walls and kept going into the buildings on either side. in the wine bar, next door a sad collection of smoke, pinots and chardonnay. above, an orthodontist needs another place to practice. his dad bought the building in 1966. >> i think i treated 10 of them. i think they were showing up. >> good thing you did a good job. >> you better bet. >> they did do a good job. actually the words they used were good stuff. the loss of three buildings preferable to an entire city block. in the west portal neighborhood of san francisco, abc 7 news. >> investigators trying to figure out what set off a two alarm fire this morning. the fire department says neighbors reported flames coming from the roof of the building. the loud booms likely caused
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by live ammunition going off inside of the burning house. >> this shell casings become project yils. nose as if coming from a gun, but enough that it may injury you. >> the homeowners suffered burns while escaping the fire. the pets are now missing. >> police are investigating a city 37th homicide of the year. a man shot just before 2:00 in the morning in the 1700 block of rogers avenue in north san jose. police are still searching for the gunman. >> a set back for pg&e in an attempt to get ratepayers 90% of the cost of fixing natural gas pipelines. the california public utilities commission announced it will limit portions to just 36%. the plan requires pg&e to replace 186 miles of pipeline, installing hundreds of shuttoff valves which could have minimized the damage.
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pg&e says it's disappointed in this decision. >> union city students mourning the loss of a beloved teacher at james logan high school. the body of chris ryan found at the bottom of a ravine wednesday night. the car in a parking lot near bism he taught english and social sciences at the school. >> clayton vice mayor, joe medrano remains on the job after being found guilty of embezzlement, charged with embezzling nearly $160,000 from a former client. he has yet to resign from the clayton city council. to the presidential race now, both campaigns held rallies in vital battle ground states following yesterday's feisty vice presidential debate. >> vice president biden stumping in his republican opponent, paul ryan's home state of wisconsin today. he would not let up against
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his attacks against the opposing ticket. >> anyone who watched that debate i don't think there is a doubt congressman ryan and i, governor romney and the president have fundamentally different vision for america. >> republican presidential candidate mitt romney came to ryan's defense against biden during a rally in virginia praised the performance and slammed the vice president. >> it was one person on stage last night who was thoughtful and respectful. steady and poised. the kind of person you want to turn to in a crisis. that was the next vice president of the united states, paul ryan. >> romney accused biden of contradicting statements made about last month's deadly attack in libya. biden says the white house was not told of the request for additional security at the u.s. consulate in benghazi. >> coming up at 4:30 mark matthews will do a fact check concerning last night's debate and outline misstatements made by both mr. biden and ryan,
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that is coming up in 25 minutes. >> the doyle drive replacement project is about to start its second phase in san francisco. >> there will be demolition but no closures. phase two of the project goes from a battery tunnel to palace of fine arts. >> abc 7 news is live near doyle drive with the latest on this for us. >> carolyn, we're up near the national cemetery on lincoln looking down on doyle drive now. hopefully when this is completed here, we won't be dealing with some of the commute hour back ups like we're seeing now, one of the first things that will happen in phase two is demolition of the old doyle drive right there. in its place will be a brand new bridge just like this one. side by side there, and in addition to being much safer in an earthquake and for general traffic it will be much prettier. underneath the elevated
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sections of the old doyle drive, support structures are close together. the metal framework hangs down, low. the new bridges open up views to the bay with more distance between supports and a stream lined under belly. but whatever the improvements, the need for replacing the 76-year-old doyle drive was seismic safety. completion of the first bridge put all motorists on one safe structure, now, it's time to give them two. it will include building more tunnels as depicted in this caltrans video. demolition of the remaining old roadway will begin before the end of the year, lasting three to four months. in april, another section of the old doyle was torn down over a speedy 57 hours, today, federal, state and local officials came out to mark gibbings of phase two. house minority leader nancy pelosi said it's the perfect step to follow transformation
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of the presidio from military post to urban national park. >> it's just like you get a new sofa and decide we need a rug and paint and all that. once we did this we're like doyle drive, we've been trying forever, long before the presidio to do something about doyle drive. it was not a safe place. >> this is as good as grand slam yesterday, i think. you know how long this has been in the cooker so to speak it will be a bit longer. construction expected to go through 2015 with landscaping in to 2016. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> there is bart ridership has taken off, seeing six of the 10 busiest ridership days. yesterday saw the fifth most with nearly 432,000 people riding bart. of course many of them going over to the a's game and
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playoff run. fleet week are huge factors in the surge. the only busier day is for giants world series parade and bay bridge closure in 2009. >> talking about bridges and traffic, a heads up for drivers using san mateo bridge. starting next friday, caltrans will close the bridge for seismic upgrades. 12 sections of the deck need replacing and joints need to be installed there. it's for the weekend with the bridge reopening at 5:00 a.m. monday. and following weekend, same thing all over again. be prepared. >> minnesota woman filed a lawsuit. the first stemming from the nationwide outbreak of fungal meningitis. the suit says the woman may have received the contaminated shots, she has not been diagnosed with the illness. the woman says she suffered headaches and nausea after getting injections to ease back pain in september. 14 people have died from fungal meningitis linked to the tainted shots.
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>> the injured sea lion rescued at pier 39 is making a great recovery. it's being treated in sausalito. >> the sea lion spotted on tuesday with a plastic wrapping strip tightly around its neck. dozens of people watched as veterinarians caught it with a big net. they nicknamed it blonde bomber, if it goes well it can be back in the ocean by next thursday. >> very cute. >> it's drizzle this morning didn't remind you winter is coming, how about snow? >> take a look. there is a live picture from our mountain camera. they're seeing the first snowfall of the season. >> too soon. >> i know. hard to believe. >> they sent us these photos showing an inch of snow that fell last night. >> they had enough on the ground to assemble the first snowman of winter, he's a little guy but made of snow. opening day set for november 16th at the lake tahoe resort. >> which takes us to spencer christian. no snow around here.
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>> no snow. there is clouds but rain has gone. here is a look. there is a lot of cloud cover hanging around but things about to change. skies will be clearer tomorrow afternoon. right now, we're looking at temperatures right into range we've predicted for today. low to mid-60s across the bay area at the moment. let's take a look at our first forecast. we'll see mainly cloudy skies this evening. and during overnight hours, temperatures ranging from mid-50s up to just above 60 degrees then, tomorrow morning lingering clouds, cool in the north bay valleys. lows dropping into upper 40s there. most of the bay areas low to mid lows into upper 50s, partly sunny to mainly sunny. high temperatures from low 60s at the coast to mid inching up to upper 70s into the mildest inland locations there is a lot more warming still to come. i'll tell you about that in the accu-weather forecast coming up later. >> thank you, spencer. still ahead san francisco
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mayor ed lee and other officials celebrate today in two neighborhoods getting money to revitalize. >> biggest tech ipo since facebook makes a debut. >> 4:12, friday afternoon checking traffic at the skyway in downtown san francisco. and it is, well, about two miles per hour i'm going to guess with traffic oncome goinging to lower deck trying to get to the east bay. better for those folks heading towards the peninsula. you know traffic going towards east bay kind of looks like space shuttle speed. >> it's right. two miles per hour is the top speed the shuttle is making in los angeles right now. it tra verses city streets on a 12-mile journey to space and science center there. you can see there is a tight squeeze right here, they try to navigate the wingspan past these power lines and light standards. they're getting very close to the 405. they expect to make it there
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within the next 15 minutes or so. we'll be
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two major neighborhoods in san francisco are set to undergo major improvements thanks to federal grant money. at grant money that will be used to revitalize existing housing units in potrero hill and sunnyvale neighborhoods. it's aimed at helping residents better access public services. >> it's not just brick and mortar we're doing here. it's people first. the first thing we have to do is bring hope to the people who are living there. >> san francisco one of 46
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cities competing for a portion of the grant money and one of nine finalists in hud's grant program. >> best buy is taking an aggressive approach to outsell its main competitor this holiday season. and there is another apple announcement. >> hi, john. >> there is one of the biggest tech ipos since facebook is off to a huge start. workday surged as it made a debut on the new york stock exchange. shares in the company up nearly 74% to close at $78.59 and there is bloomberg spoke to sfo about the decision to go public. >> it seemed lick a perfect time for us from a parkt perspective. we have momentum in our sales
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opportunities. it's a very large market. also, kpt has been in existence for a period of time. we want liquid ti for for customers. it's important for customers. our customers want to do business with the public offering. >> get ready for yet another apple product announcement, bloomberg learned apple may unveil a smaller version of the ipad on october 23. the move would no doubt heat up the tablet fight with ama gone and google. ftc may be closer to filing an antitrust case against google. sending a memo detailing findings into whether google uses search dominance to stifle competition. commissioners will decide whether to su. a majority expressing concerns about google practices. executives have reportedly been meeting with the commissioners to argue their
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cases. europe's largest semi conductor company may be on the verge of a break up. bloomberg learned they may sell off mobile phone chip business. samsung is considered a potential buyer for the digitalling ayits. as for markets, stocks little changed after a drop of financial shares and your bloomberg silicon valley index was up. shares of apple and oracle helping to push that index higher, best buy says it's going to match prices of online sites for holiday shopping season. however, the offer is only good on appliances and electronics and customers with apps for the price match. also offering free shipping on out of stock items in a bid to get customers back into stores. in san francisco, i'm john erlichman with bloom befrg west. >> it's took a change, our weather today.
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dark clouds. >> that is right. >> and over the bay. isolated sprinkles around but nothing like yesterday. so... there is a changing. we're going to have a big warm up coming our way. it's still gloomy now. here is a live view from our east bay camera looking at western skies. we have lots of cloud cover around the bay area. as we look into western sky you can see a brighter area developing there. so clouds about to leave us, as is my voice. let's take a look at live doppler 7 hd. you can see lingering cloud cover here. there is precipitation gone. here is a look at forecast features. mostly cloudy skies tonight. at least partly sunny skies tomorrow. milder and then, much warmer into next week. high temperatures soaring well into 80s inland. upper level low brought us unsettled weather moved well
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inland to our east. we have a little low level moisture here in the bay area. but that moisture is mainly into the clouds not falling to the ground. satellite continues to show us movement of a weak cold front northwest moving into our direction. let's animate maps. that front works is way inland will move well -- just to the north. any precipitation should miss the bay area and hit locations to our north. so tomorrow afternoon we'll see sunny skies. a warming begins tomorrow. but first let's take a look at lows with cloud cover lingering tonight we'll see lows into low to mid-50s. then... tomorrow into the south bay there is sunny skies. high temperatures into low 70s for the most part on the peninsula. low 70s as well. low 60s on the coast. downtown san francisco 66 degrees. low to mid-70s into north bay.
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up to 74 in santa rosa. mid-70s inland east bay. 75 in most locations. down near monterey bay low 70s near the bay. mid-70s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. look at the warm up. beginning on sunday and monday. low 80s inland. mid-70s around the bay. by wednesday, thursday, friday, up to near 90 degrees inland. mid-80s around the bay. mid-70s on the coast. mid-70s on the coast in mid october is not so bad. >> loving it. >> great baseball weather. >> thank you. >> and still head on abc 7 news at 4:00 republican presidential candidate mitt romney gets a celebrity endorsement, one he can probably live without. also ahead a california teen with down's syndrome gets a new title. classmates went out of their way to make sure he would win. >> this is the approach to the
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bay bridge toll plaza if you're in a cash lane you're going nowhere. this is a advertisement for benefits of fast track. back with more on abc 7 new
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tom hanks going to
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broadway. my turn to talk. >> it is. >> lindsay lohan takes a side in the presidential race. >> now, details in today's on the red carpet report. >> in politics last night the vice presidential debate and another endorsement, this one by lindsay lohan saying she'll be voting for mitt romney in the next election. a rep confirmed the endorsement saying she's supporting the former massachusetts governor as of right now. britney spears and jennifer hudson among biggest names that came together for a tribute last night to celebrate whitney houston. >> i was a huge fan. i still am a huge fan. she's amazing and i think her voice is better than god. i love her. >> she's been a huge part of my life. musicly. i got a chance to meet her and be around her. >> also in attendance ll cool
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j and halle barry. tom hampkz atrying something new, broadway this, spring playing a new york city newspaper columnist in a show "lucky guy". for more entertainment news and pictures go to >> a san diego dean with down's syndrome will receive a special honor from fellow classmates tonight. ivan mendoza was the only name on home coming king ballot this year, everyone knows and adores the senior, they've elected him as home coming king. >> when i see him he's outgoing. friendly nice. to me, he deserves it he will be crowned at the home coming dance. of course he says he plans on dancing to celebrate. >> still ahead your voice, your vote. vice president biden and vice
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president candidate paul ryan came out swinging. both made strong claims but were they all truthful? >> right now space shuttle endeavor on a slow road to retirement. crawling through streets. you can see another very tight squeeze right here. we'll show you more of this amazing journey. >> later a mixed day of emotions for bay area baseball fans. oakland a's packing up. giants
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now to your voice, your vote. the only vice presidential debate turned out to be a battle. >> last night's debate was marked by spirited claims but they didn't always match the facts. >> mark matthews joins us now with a fact check. >> let's start with taxes congressman ryan and vice president biden sparred over the president's proposal to end bush era tax cuts for the wnly. >> this one tax would tax about 53% of small business income. it's expected to cost us 710,000 jobs. >> let me tell you who other
4:31 pm
small businesses are. hedge funds. making $600 million a year. that is what they count as a small business. >> fact check? joe biden is right. it does include hedge funds, ryan's claim it would cost 710,000 jobs is based on a report commission bid pro business groups which leans republican. their study assumes increased revenue would be used to finance higher government spending. interest is no analysis of what would happen if those moneys were used to pay down the get det wh. ryan accused the obama administration of refusing to protect diplomats in libya, joe lied biden brought up the republican budget. >> the lecture on embassy security. the congressman cut embassy security in his budget by $300 million below what we asked for. number one. >> house democratic leader nancy pelosi piled on. >> they had no legitimate
4:32 pm
authority or credibility to talk about funding security when they voted to cut $1.2 billion from the budget. that would do just that. >> fact check? her $1.2 billion is way off. biden's claim of $300 million is an axage raigs. the republican house voted $264 million less but that funding covered construction and maintenance as well as security for u.s. embassies. when ryan talked unemployment he brought up the vice president hometown. >> 10%. >> yes. the day you guys came in? 8.5%. >> fact check? paul ryan is wrong about goiting around america. in his hometown its at 9.2% that is down from 13.5%. here is a graph of how twitter users responded during the debate. here is where ryan asked biden
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do you know what your job rate is in scranton? ryan got 9,000 users tied in when he said you put your hand in the cookie jar but the highest tweet count of the night 58,000 went to joe biden's comment that ryan is no jack kennedy. to see that go to abc 7 click on our debate story. we've got it there four. coming up at 6:00 the fact check continues. >> thank you. the next debate tuesday when president obama and mitt romney meet in new york. this will be a town hall meeting format. abc 7 will carry it live at 6:00 p.m. >> new warning today from defense secretary leon panetta about a new threat in cyber space. saying the count story at risk for a psycher pearl harbor tack from foreign computer hackers saying they crippled
4:34 pm
persian gulf based oil and gas companies. the most devastating cyber attack against major corporations we've seen so far. >> we have to address a new domain. we must secure to have peace in prosperity in the world of tomorrow. >> and he says the pentagon beefed up security efforts urging congress to back new standards in the private sector. >> a 14-year-old pakistani girl who has been shot in the head by the taliban has been moved to the hospital for treatment. she was promoting education for girls when this happened. doctors say she's in satisfactory condition and being kept unconscious now. police say they have made a number after rests in connection with her shooting. the taliban claims it decided two months ago to assassinate the teenager after learning of her campaign. >> right now we want to take you back to live pictures in los angeles which just completed the most spectacular
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lane change in history. >> yes. this is incredible stuff. it's where we can go live now. apparently we zront a live shot at the moment. we can tell you that you know crowds have been crowding the streets to watch this journey. this is a live picture that doesn't quite give you perspective. as we pull out you'll be able to see what a tight squeeze this is. here you can see the wing span here 78 feet across. this is a challenge as it tries to make its way down streets. >> right now on manchester boulevard approaching a crossover of the 405. what is remarkable about this, there are many things but there is one guy with a little like ipad or small lap top computer. he is controlling. he's the driver and he's got spotters all over the space. -- place but there is one man, one of the gentlemen on the
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ride side of the screen there. >> what might be happening now is there ais a transfer taking place. we understand there is going to be another truck involved we think we're at that point now. but that vehicle right in front of the shuttle is short of -- sort of new to the game here, as mentioned these fellows wearing neon vests are the ones, one of the guys is in charge of moving it with a joy stick. making it progress forward. >> there is a 12 mile journey. told them don't hit anything. whatever you do... don't hit anything. it's easier said than done. this is a two-day journey. we're streaming it live so you can watch there as well. >> it's riveting. >> the coolest thing in the world. hard to explain. >> still head some call it playing hooky. others say mental health day. a list of the most-outrageous excuses workers used when
4:37 pm
calling in sick. >> spencer has got a note pad already. >> a british dad claiming he built the world's fastest baby carriage. >> looking at the western sky don't let clouds drag your spirits down. there is clearing on the way. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> taking a look at the golden gate bridge, looking pretty nice. traffic welling well in b
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there is me, fake sniffelling or maybe a cough or two. some of you have a way to call in sick when you're not there. career has a list of outrageous excuses including i was suffering from a broken heart. that is pretty g i was upset after watching "the hunger games". i got sick from reading too much and i forgot i was hired for this job. >> those are ridiculous. let's check in with spencer. >> how about i just won the lottery. so sad it didn't happen for you, too. here is a time lapse view this afternoon looking northward towards golden gate. you can see we had clouds moving through the bay area throughout the day. live doppler 7 shows us outline of the clouds still
4:41 pm
lingering around the bay area. they will be moving out of here this weekend making room for sunny skies. we'll have mainly sunny skies from bot to bottom tomorrow. high temperatures into 70s in chico and fresno. 77 in los angeles. 74 san diego. coast and big sur 72 degrees. here in the bay area there is a lovely day tomorrow as well. we'll start the day with some leftover clouds from overnight hours and into early morning but sunny skies into afternoon. we'll start to warm up. we'll see highs of 63 in half moon bay. low 70s around the bay. inland east bay we'll see mid-70s tomorrow and into inland north bay as well. here is a plan for your convenience tomorrow. we're going to see half moon bay art and pumpkin festival getting underway tomorrow. you might want to think of heading over there. high temperatures into low 60s
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tomorrow in half moon bay. going to be a lovely day. if it's warm enough, charlie brown might show up with a pumpkin. get it? >> yes. >> late reaction. it's not too late to win $49,000 from abc 7. these people want the chance. you, too, can enter. go to our facebook page and click win $49,000 button. you can enter details. we'll announce the winner after the 49ers game here on abc 7. i should be accustomed to no reaction to my -- my one liners. >> we are laughing inside. >> very deep inside. >> very mufled. -- muffled. >> a new dad built what he's calling the world's fastest baby carriage. take a look. he customized his son's buggy. he can reach speeds up to 50
4:43 pm
miles per hour. the baby is not inside of the baby carriage right now. he is testing it using a baby doll for an upcoming competition. he hopes to take the record for world fastest stroller in the uk's avon park drag strip. >> that is a bad idea. >> i'm sure his wife is not pleased. >> yes. yes. still ahead two major auto makers under investigation for potentially dangerous flaws. >> prescription drugs can be pricey. but there are ways to save a few dollars. michael finney has that story coming up next. >> and i'm dan ashley. coming up new at 5:00 serious questions about police response times to crime in san jose. in a story only on 7, emergency responders come forward to reveal how it's making a difference between life and death. also at 5:00 larry ellison sets his sights on a new
4:44 pm
venture. that is coming up and a lot more at 5:00.
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back live now with the most-riveting two miles per hour journey ever with the shuttle endeavor in los angeles.
4:47 pm
>> it's about to make its way across the 40 5 freeway. the making this is -- this is an interesting journey with just inches to spare. it passes power lines and we've been told a number of power lines in the area had to be rerouted for the journey. some folks without power four to eight hours during the course of this. they have to remove lines so it can make its way through. >> what is cool is that anyone can go down and watch. you can stand and see endeavor. if you're wondering about the price tag over $10 million to move it from l.a.x. to california science center. going to take two days.. >> we can see why. >> at least two days. >> two miles per hour is the top speed. >> many americans grappling with high costs of medicine may be putting themselves in harm's way. >> there are ways you can save money at the pharmacy. >> nearly half of all
4:48 pm
americans take prescription medication regularly. there is common ailments like allergies or aches and pains best remedy might be in your medicine cabinet. >> our analysis shows many over the counter med beings work just as well or better than prescription drugs. >> for heart burn, prevacid is popular but tums cost less and can relief occasional heart burn. consumer reports says for more serious heart burn there are over the counter options, too. >> if ruf been diagnosed with acid reflux or gerd research shows over the counter prilosec works just as effectively. >> and generic can save you.
4:49 pm
and for allergy sufferers over the counter antihistamine are just as effective as prescription drugs. you can save up to $148 a month. for joint pain, prescription celebrex provides relief but advil and tylenol may work just as well and could save $265 a month. whether taking an over the counter drug or prescription talk to your doctor if symptoms continue more than 10 days. >> more consumer news now. safety regulators investigating a steering problem in hyundai santa fe suvs saying the steering shaft could come apart. the investigation covers about 75,000 sabt santa fes from
4:50 pm
model year 2011. this investigation will determine if it is bad enough to recall suvs. a brake problem in honda pilot is under investigation. officials say the brakes can come on without drivers stepping on pedals. this covers nearly 88,000 pilots from model year 2005. the government and honda received complaints saying the suv slow to nearly a stop while on the freeway. >> still ahead a 49ers team reunion. the different sport these legends picked up ahead of the weekend's game. >> i'm laura anthony in walnut creek. giants move on, a's packing it up for the season. i'll have a
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bay area baseball fans have mixed emotions today. >> giants in cincinnati after
4:54 pm
a champagne celebration yesterday waiting to find out which team they'll face. it will be the winner of tonight's game between washington nationals and st. louis cardinals. >> the oakland a's a day to wrap up and reflect on what is a season of surprises and a surge in san support. the team thanked fans after the loss. laura anthony is live in walnut creek with more. laura? hi, larry. as you said giants fans eager to find out who their team plays next, many will gather here to watch that game between nationals and cardinals. a's done for the season. but you will not find their fans or their players hanging their heads. oakland a johnny gomes spent the morning cleaning out his locker 12 hours after the playoff run came to an end. >> this is a well greased
4:55 pm
machine all year. i think towards the end it ran out of grease. but you know, it's nothing to hang our heads at. everyone did well. >> gomes among players who stayed on the field to thank fans for support that helped carry the team. >> thanks for a great season. >> thank you for being great fans. >> the pitching coach noticed and appreciated them, too. >> just exciting. probably the most energy i've ever seen in the coliseum. it's momentum going into next year. you look forward to that. >> the coliseum getting cleaned up san francisco giants fans were stocking up on gear. and celebrating their team's exciting and historic resurrection in the series. >> they dug deep and got it together. i think hunter pens helped
4:56 pm
them a little bit. >> it's easy to find giants apparel not as easy to find tickets for the next series. they went on sale via an online lottery that went quickly. i looked for some and those places today. cheapest were $110 for seats. they go up from there. >> thank you. >> legends from san francisco 49er teams of the past picked up a different type of ball today to help kick off the hall of fame weekend. >> right. there is a lot less dangerous than football. former niner and hall of fame inductee just some of the niners in the annual bocci ball tournament. more than just an opportunity for team members to connect. >> today having the tournament is a great mix after lum ni and socializing and competing.
4:57 pm
you get old guys together. they still want to compete. it's like game day. it's sunday. but it's just a play and guys are in the house. it's fun. >> the weekend will culminate with sunday's game against the game with the new york giants. >> by the way next thursday is 49er game day here on abc 7. >> right. at 4:00 legends jerry rice and brent jones will join me as they present the abc 7 pregame show. after that, jerry and brent and then a cast of thousands really. we'll stick around for a special edition of after the game to wrap this up. >> will be a great show and great day. thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> want to remind you about our new alarm clock app from iphone. you can receive bay area news headlines the moment you wake up.
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abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. police response times under the gun in san jose. only on 7 tonight emergency responders reveal how illegal immigrants proving to be an issue of life and death. >> fallout from occupy demonstrations in oakland resulting in serious discipline against officers. >> a big warm up is coming our way. it starts this weekend. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> good evening, i'm cheryl jennings. >> i'm dan ashley. serious consequences for oakland police officers in the wake of occupy demonstrations.. >> a report says some officers will be fired or suspended because of their conduct during protests like this. abc 7 news lyanne melendez joins us live with more.
4:59 pm
>> this is the report released today. four pages. in it police chief says yes, there was misconduct. those office withers will be held accountable for their actions. now, in the report, 40 officers did not follow police procedures or use excessive force during four occupy related demonstrations including one where a bean bag was fired and hit an iraq war veteran scott olsen. here is what chief howard jordan had to say. the vast majority did what they're asked to do and conducted themselves appropriately but those who did not adhere to policy are being held accountable for their actions. here is deputy chief sean wents. >> we take it seriously. we investigate it. where we are wrong we'll hold officers accountable. we want people to

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TOPIC FREQUENCY Ryan 10, Biden 8, Doyle 7, Los Angeles 6, Oakland 5, Paul Ryan 4, California 4, Spencer 3, Google 3, Honda 2, Caltrans 2, San Jose 2, Joe Biden 2, Laura Anthony 2, Mark Matthews 2, Dan Ashley 2, Nancy Pelosi 2, Libya 2, Lindsay Lohan 2, Pentagon 1
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